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Myanmar is the most exciting destination in the world today

Help students in an English class / be a guest for lunch & dinner in various private homes / meet monks and nuns in monasteries and nunneries / feed the monks / experience local hospitality in remote villages and farms / learn about Buddhism and meditation / make a difference.

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 Exactly a week ago I returned home to Moscow, but all the time I remember our wonderful trip to Myanmar, organised by you. It was very interesting! Individual episodes of our journey I see in my dreams. Everything was perfectly organised thanks to you and a wonderful guide Moe. I think he’s not only an excellent tour guide and organizer, but also a talented and inventive people in this profession. We had a wonderful group, all the participants warm and friendly attitude to each other.
Thank you very much for this tour. I will never forget it.

Russia Oct 2016

Aspects of Myanmar I found especially interesting, surprising or noteworthy

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• Friendly and polite people everywhere, but not as demonstrative as in Indonesia where everyone wants selfies with one

• Huge influence of Buddhism on the lives of the people

• Everywhere was so green and luxuriant

• Constant humidity

• Always felt safe, even wandering the streets at night

• Not much signs of poverty, even though people were poor. People seemed to have enough to eat.

• All the food, of whatever ethnic variety ( Myanmar, Thai, Chinese, European) tasted really good. probably very fresh ingredients.

• Much more in tune with the modern world than I expected: cell phones everywhere, ATMs easily available. Different from picture painted by guidebooks of even a few years ago.

• No coins in the currency – all notes.



USA Oct 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed the chance to meet face to face with your fellow countrymen

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Ode to Moe

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west, people create distinctions out of their minds and then believe them to be true” Buddha

Thought it was appropriate to start off this ode with this quote, as we have learned a lot about Buddha on this trip, his teachings and the way of life exemplified here in Myanmar thanks to you, Moe.

Firstly, we would sincerely like to take this opportunity to thank you, Moe, our best exotic guide of Myanmar. You have provided us with an experience that we will never forget.

We greatly appreciated your care and share attitude. You taught us from your heart and painted a genuine and honest picture of your beautiful country at every corner, including the good and the not so good parts of your history. Rest assured that we learned from you and will spread this knowledge across our country hopefully with the same passion you have delivered your messages to us.

You know the measure of a man or for that matter a country is not the adversity they have had to endure but the way they have been able to learn from their hardships. You and your fellow countrymen are to be admired for their tenacious positive outlook for your future and we truly wish great prosperity for you and your country in the coming months and years.  Be assured that we will follow your country’s progress and revel in its accomplishments.

Not only did we appreciate all the beautiful and unique Myanmar sites during our trip, we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to meet face to face with your fellow countrymen on the various occasions you managed to organize.We greatly enjoyed that none of the activities you planned were contrived and pre-set for the stereotypical tourist. You truly put a lot of thought and effort in putting this tour together so that we learned more about your people and their beliefs and way of life. This did not go with notice, dear friend.

As a result, we quickly realized that we all are not that much different. Just like in Myanmar, our emphasis in Canada is on family, helping others and building effective relationships. Quite frankly, how else is there to live! Knowing that people of this world have such beliefs and values in common can only promote peace in this world. And we can all agree that peace is one thing we need to survive given the grievous atrocities in France of recent days. …2 -2- So thanks again, Moe.

As promised, we will market your company and spread the word at every occasion back in Canada. We also hoped you learned something about our country and if you are ever in our neck of the woods every one of us will be more than willing to show you and your family around, provided we get some Moe’s tea in return.

Please accept this small offering as a token of our Friendship. With this pin you are now an honorary member of Friendship Force Ottawa. Here are some Canada gifts for Dee Dee and Sam and a card signed by all of us. Don’t forget us!

You asked us to provide you with some feedback so I am going to pass it over the rest of my “fucawi” tribe members to give some oral impressions of the trip (written impressions to follow).


John (Cooke) and Danielle (Allard); Shelley and David (Lynch); Gail and Ulysse (Nevraumont) and Dominic (Allard) and Catherine (Barlow) (Canadian Tour – November 5th to 16th, 2015)

John Cooke

Canada Nov 2015

What an incredible tour. To meet and get to know the people was so insightful. This is the way to travel. There were so many ways that we were able to understand their way of life, Buddhism, their food etc. Well done. The best tour I have experienced.


Australia Nov 2014

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