Explore the magic of Myanmar on a fully guided tour. Take in the spectacular sights and get up close and personal with the local people, experience their culture and fully immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle.

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Not only did we appreciate all the beautiful and unique Myanmar sites during our trip, we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to meet face to face with your fellow countrymen on the various occasions you managed to organize. We greatly enjoyed that none of the activities you planned were contrived and pre-set for the stereotypical tourist. You truly put a lot of thought and effort in putting this tour together so that we learned more about your people and their beliefs and way of life.

John Cooke


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We believe the ultimate travel experience includes interaction with the local people of the country. Global Tours provides you with the opportunity to meet and interact with the locals and appreciate the differences which make us all unique. You will also discover that as humans we have far more in common than we have that is different.
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